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Why should I fit a new Lithium Battery?

Lithium Installation

Do you enjoy spending time off-grid?

Have you always wanted to try going off-grid, but have been deterred by the limited facilities?

Here at Bristol Caravans, we aim to provide a solution to all your leisure vehicle needs…

A case study is probably a good way to discuss the benefits of a new Lithium Battery.

A new customer asked how we could breathe life into an older motorhome. A great question from the customer, but we needed a little more info, so asked about his aims, and how he would like to use his leisure vehicle. He said his hobby was visiting rural UK airfields, which do not have 230v hook-up electricity, to record small aircraft as they come and go.

The vehicle’s original set-up was basic, and the facilities on the airfield were limited, which meant he could only go away for one night at a time. So, to allow this customer to get the most out of his vehicle, we designed a Lithium battery system, that depending on use, could last up to 3 nights between mains charging via 230v hook-up. This allowed them to spend longer off-grid, and travel to airfields all around the UK.

Read our Lithium Top Tips article to get a better understanding of Lithium batteries and how to re-charge them.

Fancy spending time off-grid? Give us a call on 01454 612893 to see how a Lithium system could meet your needs and improve your leisure vehicle experience!

Lithium Battery

The image shows the installation of:

  • New 100 Ah Lithium battery with Bluetooth reporting
  • Three-way charging system, which charges the lithium battery from Solar, 230v & Battery-to-Battery

A neat job, everything you need in one box, plus a lithium battery.

The customer can now go off-grid with ease!

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