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EICR safety check

230v PIR EICR Top Tips

The Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is a specific set of tests completed on the 230v (mains electric) system within your leisure vehicle (caravan, motorhome, campervan), by a trained / competent person. Once completed a Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is issued, in this article we refer to this service as the PIR EICR 230v safety […]

How does the RCD work in my Caravan?

When you are at a campsite, the last thing you want is for your electricity to trip! The kettle is boiling, kids are watching TV, food is heating in the microwave and it all comes to a halt. This article will help you to manage your electricity better and explain why your electricity may be […]

Caravan Electrial Safety Check

EICR Safety Test – What every owner should know! The electrical installation condition report (EiCR) identifies damage, deterioration and defects which may cause danger within your Caravan, Motorhome or Camper van. It is a safety check of the 230v mains electrical wiring, switches, and appliances in your Caravan, Motorhome or Camper van. Bristol Caravans are trained, qualified and […]