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Lithium Battery Installation in Bristol

With so many options available, choosing the right lithium battery can be a daunting task.

Benefits of Lithium Batteries in Caravans and Motorhomes

With numerous options available in the market, selecting the right lithium battery can feel overwhelming for caravan and campervan owners. However, the advantages of investing in a Lithium Leisure Battery outweighs the challenges, offering a myriad of benefits for avid travelers.

Why Invest in a Lithium Leisure Battery

Customers opt for Lithium Leisure Batteries for various reasons, including the escalating costs associated with 230v electric hook-up. Additionally, these batteries grant access to remote and off-grid locations where traditional electric hook-ups are unavailable. From attending events and festivals to utilising 12v compressor fridges, which often drain standard leisure batteries, the demand for increased 12v battery capacity is evident.

Enhanced Capabilities with Lithium Batteries

Lithium has revolutionise the recharging process, significantly improving efficiency compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. These batteries can be charged through solar panels, 230v chargers, or DC-DC (B2B) chargers which draw power from the vehicle’s engine. Unlike standard batteries, lithium batteries can withstand higher charging rates without damage, leading to faster recharge times.

Maximizing Efficiency and Usable Power

With the ability to accept higher charge rates, lithium batteries offer faster recharging capabilities, especially when coupled with efficient chargers. A lithium battery can be fully recharged within a couple of hours of driving, providing travelers with ample usable power upon arrival at their destination. Moreover, lithium batteries offer up to three times more available 12v energy compared to traditional batteries of the same size, maximizing efficiency during extended journeys.

Lithium Batteries: Considerations and Costs

While lithium batteries offer significant advantages, there are associated costs and considerations to bear in mind. Embracing the benefits of a lithium leisure battery may require upgrades to the charging process, wiring loom, and the acquisition of the new battery itself. It’s important to note that lithium systems come at a price, a full upgrade typically ranging around £5,000. 

For personalized advice and estimates on upgrading your vehicle’s battery system, feel free to contact our office and schedule a complimentary assessment.

How Much Do Lithium Batteries Cost?

Lithium Battery

part only


£820 + Fitting

Full Lithium System

needs free assessment



get in touch

Book Your Lithium Battery Fitting

If you have any questions or would like us to supply and fit a lithium battery, email, call 01454 612893 within working hours, or contact us using our online form.

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  1. During charging lithium can accept a higher amp level, which means instead of the standard system which charges at approx. 10 amps, you can charge at a rate up to 80 amps.
  2. Speed of charge,  if you used 40 amps over night, a 30 minute drive will recharge your battery, if you installed an 80 amp DC-DC charger.
  3. Weight, lithium batteries are lighter than standard units.
  • Yes, if you plan to use your vehicle off-grid.
  • They are expensive to install, as your 12v charging system will probably need to be modified.
  • Ensure that your install is designed to be removable, so that you can take it to your next leisure vehicle.
  • No, is the short answer, as you will need to check the charging system is designed for lithium.

Yes, we have tent camping, touring pitches and a campervan field. See our Bristol Camping website for more information.

Yes, we have a fully functional demonstartion system set up in our reception. Call the team and book an appointment to walk through how a lithium system works.

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