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Motorhome solar panel

What’s the Best Solar Panel Kit?

What’s the best solar panel kit for beginners, including installation, be it caravan, motorhome or campervan? Before starting on any new accessory or upgrade, reflect and ask youself a few questions: Here are a few reasons leisure vehicle owners consider solar panels: Depending on your power consumption, it is possible to design and build a […]

Lithium battery

Lithium Battery Top Tips

Leisure Batteries come in many different shapes, sizes and types, no wonder it’s difficult choosing the right one. Leisure Batteries discharge (run flat) as you use your on-board 12v devices/appliances/accessories (example: inside LED lights), but don’t forget, appliances like your fridge, heater, cooker need 12v to run the PCB control panel and ignite the LPG. […]

Classic Caravan

Caravan & motorhome presents

Need a last-minute gift that is going to blow them away? Here at Bristol Caravans’, we have come up with five quick, easy ideas to solve your Christmas Shopping quarrels. Already finished your Christmas Shopping? Then download this blog as a PDF for your fellow caravaners next Birthday or Event. Awning Accessories: Spruce up your […]

Bike rack

Bike rack issues solved

Cannot go on holiday without your bike?Have difficulty lifting and loading the family’s bikes? Update to a bike rack which best suits you and your Caravan/ Motorhome. At Bristol Caravans we are here to help you find the best solution whether it is a new bike rack or electrical bike lift. Important things to keep […]

How does an Inverter work?

An inverter is used to convert your 12v into 230v. This is perfect for going off-grid as you do not have access to mains electricity hook-up. In conjunction with your inverter, we recommend having a lithium battery. Due to inverters using a lot of energy, you must ensure you have a powerful battery. Having a […]

Lithium Installation

Why should I fit a new Lithium Battery?

Do you enjoy spending time off-grid? Have you always wanted to try going off-grid, but have been deterred by the limited facilities? Here at Bristol Caravans, we aim to provide a solution to all your leisure vehicle needs… A case study is probably a good way to discuss the benefits of a new Lithium Battery. […]