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How Do I Drain Down My Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan?

Winterisation drain down

Why are we talking about drain down, does it really matter?

Yes it does, this article is about “draining the fresh water” out of your caravan, motorhome, campervan. This is usually undertaken at the end of the season, before you store your vehicle for a long period.

If water is left in the system, as weather temperatures drop, water can freeze in your taps. As water freezes, it expands! If teaspoon of water was to expand in your tap, the tap could split. A split tap usually means a new tap, a repair you want to avoid.

The cost could be £150 per tap to replace, you will probably have three taps in your caravan, motorhome, campervan so a potential cost of £450.

But the good news is that it’s avoidable!

How do I drain my fresh water system?

Great question, start by checking your water pump is switched “off”.

Then open all taps, if you have mixer taps, position the lever mid point between hot and cold. This ensures you have a flow of air into the system on both hot & cold pipes, and the water will drain freely without a vacuum building up.

Truma Frost Protection Valve

Then open your drain valve, which is usually located in the floor near the boiler or system heater (Truma Combi or ALDE heater).

The picture is a popular caravan drain valve made by Truma. To open this valve point the yellow toggle up towards the ceiling.

The lower picture on the right is the Frost Protection valve, again made by Truma. This valve is opened by twisting the blue diamonded shaped handle on top of the unit (green arrow), the blue button will pop out (red arrow).

Whatever the valve type, it will need to be closed and reset when you wish to refill your system.

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