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Why is there Water leaking underneath my Caravan / Motorhome?

You have arrived on site, switched on your water pump and now water is leaking from underneath your Caravan or Motorhome.

Where is the leak coming from?

It is most likely coming from your drain valve!

Your drain valve allows for excess water to escape the Caravan / Motorhome. You would most commonly open the valve when draining down for the winter period. Find out why this is important on our ‘Winterisation’ post.

Where is the drain valve in my Caravan / Motorhome?

Look under your sofa cushions, at the bottom of the wardrobe, bottom cupboards, and underneath the bed. You are looking for a little yellow tap. You can find it by following the water hoses.

Is your drain valve in the closed position?

The easiest way to remember whether you drain valve is open or closed is:

  • Up is on
  • Down is off

Top Tips:

  • Ensure the drain valve is closed when your water pump is on.
  • Open the drain valve at the end of the season to ensure your water system is empty.
  • Check all interior hoses for internal leaks.

If you have anymore questions regarding a water leak, please contact us on 01454 612893 or go to our Contact page.