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How to set up the WHALE water system and pumb

Setting up a WHALE Water Pump

First things first…

Make sure your WHALE pump is securely attached and locked into position.

Is your 12v power supply working?

Assuming your caravan / motorhome has a charged battery, and all the appropriate fuses are intact, the power to run a water pump’s motor is usually activated at the 12V control panel.

WHALE Control Panel:

Now your pump is in the correct position, go inside your caravan / motorhome and check the control panel. It should look something like this:

All switches should be in the on position. If your control panel presents a fault code,

please call us on 01454 612893 to diagnose the fault.

Once your pump is secure and the control panel is on, locate the pump controller (this is located inside the caravan / motorhome in the same location as the exterior pump).

To reset, press and hold the calibration button for 1 – 3 seconds until a green LED light begins to flash.

Open the cold shower and the pump should start! Do not worry if there is a short delay .

Restting a WHALE Water Pump:

If you would like to reset the pump, continue with this process:

After 30 seconds, turn the shower off (the pump should still be running). Press and hold the calibration button again until the green LED stops flashing. The pump will stop after approximately 10 seconds.

Now, the green LED will turn off and continue to flash as it did before. Your WHALE water pump and system is now reset! You should only need to reset if you use a different pump.

Top Tip:

Make sure you leave your water pump inside your caravan / motorhome for its annual service. Routine servicing is essential to ensure that your water pump works as it should.

If you have any enquiries regarding your Caravan or Motorhomes water system, please contact us on 01454 612893 or email us at