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How to connect my caravan or motorhome to 230v hook up

How to plug in to mains electric on site

The last thing you want is to arrive on site and your electrics do not work.

As soon as you get on site, follow these steps and you will be sat back relaxing in no time!

How to hook-up:

  1. Check your Caravan Isolating Switch is OFF.
  2. Insert the plug (male end) into the site outlet socket and turn it clockwise until it locks.
  3. Take your caravan electric hook up cable and insert the connector (female end) into the caravan inlet.
  4. Switch your Caravan Isolating Switch ON.

My electrics are not working on site – What do I do?

  • Test the Electrics!

First you want to plug in your 230V hook up cable into the mains electric supply. Next, connect your Caravan or Motorhome.

Using the mains socket tester, insert the tester into a socket and turn on. The tester will indicate where / what the fault is:

  • No Earth
  • Neutral Fault
  • Live / Earth Reverse
  • Live / Neutral Reverse

If the tester indicates a fault, do not use the socket or supply. Consult someone who works on site or call an electrician.

  • Check your RCD & MCBs

Have you checked all the switches in your consumer unit?
Make sure all switches are on and nothing has tripped.

Still not working?

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We are happy to help!