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How to avoid DAMP in your Caravan or Motorhome!

Nobody wants to come back to their Caravan or Motorhome after the winter break to see a damp patch. Although it is hard to identify when water ingress is happening, we have some helpful tips to prevent damp in your vehicle.

How does damp occur in my Caravan or Motorhome?

The three stages of damp to be aware of:

  1. Condensation

This is caused by damp air being trapped in a cupboard or room. The visual effects are mould on the walls or inside cupboards.

  1. Water Ingress

This is the main cause of Damp! Potentially coming from sealant failure, for example sealant cracking around a window, rooflight, or your awning rails.

  1. Internal Damp Damage

Once the water ingress has moved inside, it can get into the fixtures and fittings inside your Caravan or Motorhome. This can lead to damaged wall boards and timber which make up the structure of your vehicle.

What are the first signs of Damp?

In the early stages you cannot smell or see water ingress. The only way to identify water getting in, is through a damp meter reading. At Bristol Caravans, when you book your annual service you will receive a full damp report.

To see exactly what we do in a Caravan or Motorhome service, visit our services pages:

If you believe your vehicle has water ingress, we can carry out a full damp report for one hour’s labour. This is subject to the vehicle being empty of all personal belongings and seat cushions to ensure a thorough report.

We recommend a full damp report before any damp repair is carried out. From a report our technicians can provide a detailed estimate on the works needed to go ahead.

Here is an example of a damp report:

Motorhome damp report

How to prevent Water Ingress & Damp:

  • Book your annual service to keep on top of Water Ingress. The quicker it is identified, the easier it is to resolve, the cheaper to repair.
  • At least three times a year, spray all outside black seals with ‘silicone spray’. This will ensure the seals on your windows and locker doors are lubricated, which means the rubber stays soft, are less likely to go hard and crack, which means they will seal the water out! We stock SAS silicone spray on site.
  • Buy indoor storage. Indoor storage is the ideal solution to avoid water entering your vehicle (it is also perfect to avoid damage from rodents, and you know your vehicle is safe and secure).
  • Ventilation is key! Make the most of your Caravan / Motorhome and allow fresh air to enter through your doors and windows. Alternatively, leave it in storage with the cupboards open and all cushions removed.
  • Get a dehumidifier. Anything to soak up unwanted moisture inside your vehicle.

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