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Cleaning my Caravan & Motorhome

Wash & Wax at Bristol Caravans

How often should you clean your Caravan / Motorhome?

We recommend giving your vehicle at least two deep washes a year. One at the start of your holiday season, and one at the end.

Of course, whilst your Caravan / Motorhome are in storage it will gather dirt, algae, and moss; making it harder to clean. If you regularly give it a wash over, the easier and quicker your seasonal washes will be.

Should I wash my Caravan / Motorhome with Hot Water?

It is important to bear in mind you Caravan, or Motorhome is made of up many plastic components. Using very hot water could misshapen or deform plastic parts as well as rubber seals used in various places on your Motorhome / Caravan.

To avoid damage, use lukewarm water to loosen the dirt and begin the cleaning process. There are cleaning products to add ease to loosen the dirt further.

What Products should I use to clean my Caravan / Motorhome?

All you need to clean your Caravan / Motorhome is:

  • Water Supply
  • Ladder
  • Brush Hose Extension
  • Cleaning Products

We recommend using “Fenwick’s Concentrate Caravan Cleaner” to start the process. It will help remove black streaks and algae without any harsh abrasives. This is key when cleaning your vehicle due to avoiding any stickers or paint peeling off.

AutoGlym also have a great Motorhome and Caravan cleaner alternative.

To finish your big clean, we advise a protective coat (Bobby Dazzler by Fenwick’s). Not only will your vehicle be squeaky clean, but it will repel water and dirt making it easier to clean next time!

Cleaning the Roof of a Caravan / Motorhome:

The best place to start when cleaning a motorhome is the roof. You do not want to get the sides clean to then have the dirt on the roof run down the sides!

To add ease to cleaning your roof, ensure you have a safe ladder (or someone to spot you), and an extendable brush hose connection. Not only will cleaning be easier, but a little faster with the assistance of the brush.

If you do not have the time or tools to clean your Motorhome or Caravan, we can provide a Wash & Wax here at Bristol Caravans. To find out more, go to our Wash & Wax service page.

Things to keep in mind when cleaning your Caravan / Motorhome:

  • The sun bakes the dirt onto the surface and into the grain of the paintwork and plastic/fibreglass mouldings. To avoid a big clean taking so much time in the future it pays to do a light clean but often.
  • If your vehicle has a solar panel fitted to the roof you will want to give it special attention and care when cleaning. A build up of dirt will make your panel less efficient. When cleaning it, do not be too rough as you want to avoid damage to wiring and seals.