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Winter preparation for your motorhome or caravan: Winterisation

Winterisation is the Winter preparation for your Motorhome/Caravan. Bristol Caravans have put together a check sheet of all the things your vehicle requires before it goes into hibernation this winter.

Winter Preparation Top Tips

Drain down

Watch out for ‘The First Frost’. Try to beat Jack Frost, by emptying your water system and any water tanks.

Why should your water system be emptied?

As temperatures get colder, water begins to freeze in the taps. As water freezes, it expands! If even the tiniest droplet of water was to expand in your pipework, the taps could begin to split. Split taps mean new taps, a repair you want to avoid.

In case you did not know, we offer a Winterisation service in our workshop – taking the pressure off you!

The Winterisation & Drain Down service includes:

  • Drain down of all water tanks/ system
  • Check all external lockers are locked securely
  • Check & Spray sealant
  • Prop up soft furnishings
  • Disconnect gas
  • Remove batteries where required
  • Internal & External inspection for damage
  • Open cupboards and adjust furniture to allow air flow

Carrying out these actions will not only keep your vehicle in good condition for longer, but it will mean when you return in Spring, it will require less work.

Benefits of Winterisation:

  • Reduces mould risk
  • Maintains seals
  • Prevents damage to pipes
  • Reduces risk of vermin entering
  • Maintains vehicles overall condition!

Wash & Fenwick’s:

Want to go the extra mile for Winter?

Give your Caravan/ Motorhome a Wash & Fenwick’s.

Giving your vehicle a final clean before it goes away for the winter can be extremely beneficial. Rather than a just Wash & Wax, we recommend a Wash & Fenwick’s Overwintering fluid. The Fenwick’s Overwinter product is formulated to protect caravans and motorhomes during winter storage. Its unique formula protects against algae, mould, fungus, airborne pollutants, acid rain and bird lime, to keep your vehicle protected throughout winter.

This treatment also means it will be easier to clean next spring!

You can grab yourself a bottle of Fenwick’s in our store or you can book the treatment with us. Keep your Caravan or Motorhome in great condition.

Now you and your vehicle should be prepared for the Winter season!

If you would like to enquire for any of these services, give us a call on 01454 612893 or go to our contact page.