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ALDE Heating System FAQs

What is ALDE Heating & How does it work?

The ALDE Heating system for Caravans and Motorhomes works in a similar way to your central heating at home. The system heats a transfer liquid, which is pumped through convectors and pipes then back to the boiler.

The ALDE Heating system is very efficient, and only uses 1 amp when in operation!

The convectors are placed in an optimal position all along the walls of your leisure vehicle, providing an ideal barrier against the cold. As heat is pumped around the vehicle, hot air rises creating a circulation of heat throughout. Once risen, the air cools causing a process called self-convection.

All program settings can be made from the control panel, latest versions of the control panel also enable connectivity to your smart phone via an app. Using these tools allows for daytime and night-time programming.

What is the ALDE system fluid?

ALDE use a specific type of glycol fluid in the system, which is similar to antifreeze. As the glycol fluid ages it becomes less effective. If not changed at the correct interval, your system could be at risk of permanent damage. The damage is usually to internal components, when the fluid becomes acidic, the acid corrodes aluminium components.

When first built, manufacturers fit Pink or Blue fluid. The blue glycol must be changed every two years. Alternatively, ALDE have produced a pink antifreeze which lasts up to five years – we highly recommend you change to pink.

Which colour liquid do you have?

Need to change your fluid? Call us today on 01454 612893 to get a quote.

How do I refill my ALDE heating system?

To refill your ALDE system, you must first locate the header tank (usually located in the wardrobe or a cupboard). Remove the top part of the plastic covering the pipes and top up the fluid. If the system is hot/ warm the level should be under the maximum, and if cold, above the minimum. This ensures there is room for the fluid to expand.

Before topping up, check what colour fluid you have!

How do you Bleed the system?

To bleed your ALDE system, you will require ALDE specialist tools. The tool provides pressure and a large reservoir outside the vehicle, pumping fresh fluid through the vehicle removing any excess air. You can sometimes bleed individual radiators through a bleed point, however if you have a fault, a full bleed is required using the specialist tool.

If you are experiencing a drop in fluid, you could have a leak. We recommend you check all rubber hose joints to aluminium pipe joints, and radiator points to identify the cause.

*Quick Tip

A quick and easy way to check for a leak is to leave a piece of kitchen roll under the suspect joint. The fluid will drip out, leaving a visible pink or blue stain!

Can you run the system without Water?

There are two types of water used within the ALDE heating system.

The first is fresh water that is heated by the system and sits in the hot water tank. You can run the system without fresh water.

Second, is your coolant within the ALDE heating system, the coolant is a mixture of distilled water and glycol fluid. You can not run the system without this fluid.

For more information you can go to the ALDE website.

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