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What is ALDE Heating?

So what is ALDE Heating? ALDE is a Swedish heating company, and design systems to heat the hot water system and the interior of your Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan using radiators or underfloor heating.

It works in a similar way to your central heating at home. A heats transfer liquid is heated, and pumped through pipes to convectors (radiators), the fluid then back to the boiler. Within the boiler, there is a hot water tank, which produces the hot water for your shower and taps.

The single boiler within the ALDE system works on 230v and LPG gas, and heats your living area and your hot water system.

The ALDE Heating system is very efficient, and only uses 1 amp when in operation using LPG! Great news if you want to spend time Off-Grid.

The convectors are placed in an optimal position all along the walls of your leisure vehicle, providing an ideal barrier against the cold. As heat is pumped around the vehicle, hot air rises creating a circulation of heat throughout. Once risen, the air cools causing a process called self-convection.

Program settings are made from a simple wall mounted control panel, latest versions of the control panel also enable connectivity to your smart phone via an app. Using these tools allows for daytime and night-time programming.


The key element to ALDE maintenance is knowing what type of fluid you have fitted to your vehicle, and when it is due for change.

Book an ALDE fluid change.

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