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What Is ALDE Heating System Fluid?

ALDE use a specific type of glycol fluid in the heating system, which is similar to antifreeze. As the glycol fluid ages it becomes less effective. If not changed at the correct interval, your system could be at risk of permanent damage. The damage is usually to internal components, when the fluid becomes acidic, the acid corrodes aluminium components. At the time of writing a relacement Alde system is in the region of £3,500 plus fitting, so definately cheaper to maintain the system rather than replace it.

When first built, manufacturers fit Pink or Blue fluid. The blue glycol must be changed every two years. Alternatively, ALDE produce a pink antifreeze which lasts up to five years – we highly recommend you change to pink.

To answer the question: What is ALDE heating system fluid, in summary it’s the “blood” that flows through the body of your Alde heating system, and it’s as important as the blood pumped by your heart.

Which colour ALDE heating system fluid do you have?


The key element to ALDE maintenance is knowing what type of fluid you have fitted to your vehicle, and when it is due for change.

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