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TESA Motorhome Levelling in Bristol

Bristol Caravans is an approved installer of the TESA AUTOLIFT4 levelling system.

For those seeking a cost-effective solution, look no further than the TESA Motorhome Levelling system designed specifically for motorhomes and campervans. At Bristol Caravans, we offer professional installation services for the TESA system. Contact us today to determine if it’s compatible with your vehicle.

Benefits of the TESA Motorhome Levelling system:

  1. Convenience: Effortlessly level your motorhome with the TESA system, simplifying the setup process for a stress-free travel experience.

  2. Precision: Enjoy precise levelling adjustments thanks to the system’s advanced technology, ensuring a stable and comfortable environment inside your motorhome.

  3. Time-saving: Save valuable time during setup with automated levelling, allowing you to hit the road sooner and make the most of your adventures.

  4. Safety: Eliminate the risks associated with manual levelling methods, reducing the chance of accidents or injuries caused by unstable setups.

  5. Stability: Once levelled, the system maintains stability, minimizing vibrations and sway inside the motorhome for enhanced comfort during stops and overnight stays.

  6. User-friendly: Intuitive controls make the system easy to operate, catering to motorhome owners of all skill levels.

  7. Space-saving: The compact design of the TESA system ensures it won’t take up excessive storage space or add unnecessary weight to your motorhome.

  8. Reliability: Built to withstand travel demands, the TESA AUTOLIFT system offers consistent performance, providing peace of mind for motorhome enthusiasts.

  9. Compatibility: With a range of setup brackets designed to fit various motorhome models, the TESA system offers versatility for different configurations.

Summary – TESA Motorhome Levelling

While the TESA system offers numerous advantages, it’s essential to set realistic expectations. As a budget-focused option, it doesn’t provide the same lift in height as hydraulic systems. Additionally, it’s best suited for gentle slopes, gravel, or tarmac surfaces, making it ideal for hard-standing club sites with slopes less than 4º. Keep in mind that it may not lift tyres off the ground and may require specific parking orientations for optimal levelling.

In conclusion, the TESA levelling system is an excellent product for its price point, but understanding its limitations is key to maximizing its benefits.

How Much Does Tesa Motorhome Levelling Cost?




£4250 Fitted

TESA Service



£90 + Parts

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  • Competative Price, lower price than a hydraulic system
  • TESA uses electro-mechanical jacks rather than hydraulics, with no possibility of fluid loss
  • Lighter than competitors, the base kit is 48KG, basically, this means a higher payload available for you

Bristol Caravans is based on a 200 acre arable farm. To book tent camping, or touring pitches. See our Bristol Camping website for more information.

If you are having a TESA system fitted, we offer one Free night on our Late Pitch, that has coin operated 230v electric hook-up.

Each leg can lift 2,500KG, with an overall static vehicle load of 5,000KG

TESA SRL is based in Montesilvano, on the East coast of Italy.

  • Electric jacks (x4)
  • Prewired control unit
  • Push-botton command panel
  • Remote control
  • Foot plates with positioning rod

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