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Motorhome engine oil service

Motorhome Engine Oil Servicing in Bristol

This service is also called a “minor service” or “lights & levels service”.

What's Checked in an Engine Oil Service?


  • Paint and bodywork for damage and corrosion


  • Lights: External & Cab
  • Horn

Engine Bay

  • Wiper blades
  • Washers, top up fluid if required
  • Engine and engine compartment for leaks
  • Coolant level, top up if required
  • Power-assisted steering oil level, top up if required
  • Brake fluid level, top up if required
  • ATF level (automatic), top up if required
  • Change the engine oil and filter

Running Gear

  • Thickness of the front brake pads/linings
  • Gearbox/final drive/rear axle for leaks and damage
  • Manual gearbox oil level, top up if required
  • ABS sensor and cables
  • Brake system for leaks and damage
  • Thickness of the rear brake linings
  • Rear axle oil level, top up if required
  • Tyre pressures, correct if required
  • Condition of the exhaust

How Much Does Engine Oil Servicing Cost?

Engine Oil Service


£158.40 + Parts

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If you have any questions or would like to book a Habitation Check, email, call 01454 612893 within working hours, or contact us using our online form.

Why Bristol Caravans?

We work hard to get better every day. Here’s why we believe you might wish to consider us.

AWS Workshop of the year

Not only a certified AWS Workshop, we have recently won AWS Workshop of the year! Approved & accredited by NCC, Caravan & Motorhome Club, Camping & Caravaning Club.

Skilled mechanics

Our qualified and experienced technicians ensure top-quality service.

Bolt on accessories

Personal advice on the best upgrade or bolt-on accessory for your vehicle.

Great location

Based in Almondsbury, north Bristol. One mile from the M4 and M5.

Value for money

Quality workmanship at a fair price. No job is too small, classic vehicles are welcome.

Friendly customer service

We are a small and nimble team, happy to help in any way we can.

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  • Habitation Service (yearly)
  • Engine & Chassis Service (yearly or bi-annual, depending on mileage and base vehicle)
  • Cam Belt Replacement (usually around every 5 years, check your manual)
  • 230v Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) or sometimes called EICR (every 3 years)

Following an assessment, our company will do its best to email you an estimate within 24 hours. With larger projects receiving an estimate might take a little longer as there are more factors to consider and more work that has to go into producing the estimate. Our office will communicate with you every step of the way. We work efficiently so that your repair or accessory upgrade is finished quickly to the correct specifiction.

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