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Amplo Motorhome Levelling

Amplo Levelling Systems

Amplo SRL

Amplo is an Italian company specializing in motorhome levelling systems, founded by inventor and entrepreneur Mr Amplo. The company’s innovative levelling solutions provide automatic and precise levelling at the touch of a button, ensuring stability and comfort for campervans and motorhomes alike. Amplo Levelling systems are designed with user convenience and durability in mind, catering to various motorhome and campervan sizes and configurations.

Amplo Levelling Quality Engineering

Meet the Inventor! Amplo Levelling is the brainchild of Mr Amplo, a passionate camper, engineer and innovator with years of experience in the industry. Frustrated by the limitations of existing levelling systems, Mr Amplo set out to create a cost effective solution that would revolutionize the levelling experience. Today, Amplo stands as a testament to his vision and dedication to providing campers with reliable, user-friendly, and cutting-edge design.

Amplo Intelligent Innovative Design

This levelling system looks and is operated in a similar way to other systems on the market. However, Amplo is not a copy of other systems on the market, it was designed from a blank page. Three features that we love are; no drill brackets, custom hydraulic hoses (low pressure system), and the key pad.

Amplo Levelling No Drill Chassis

Mr Amplo’s alternative thinking and quality driven engineering designs are a fresh approach to the leisure vehicle levelling market. As Mr Amplo says “why drill a perfectly good chassis to mount brackets, when existing holes and mountings are already in place”, this approach means the Amplo motorhome levelling system rarely needs holes drilled to complete installation. Which means less damage to your motorhome or campervan, and easy removal when changing the Amplo system to your next leisure vehicle.

Amplo Custom Hydraulic Hoses 

Amplo Levelling is the only product in the aftermarket levelling arena that offers custom hydraulic hoses, based on a low pressure system. The low pressure system means an alternative hose connection (banjo hose coupling), is utilised, which means removal of the system and installation on an alternative vehicle is a cost effective solution.

Amploy Key Pad

Once you have set you own code number into the key pad, you lift your motorhome or campervan, and to get it down, you will need your unique code to operate the system, a great theft deterrent!

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  • Key pad with access code, great theft deterrent
  • Limited chassis drilling
  • Low pressure custom length hoses
  • 3 Year Warranty T&Cs apply
  • 1 day install (subject to pre-inspection)
  • Remote control included
  • Mid price system

We recommend:

  • A yearly service
  • Oil change every 5 years

Our service includes:

  • Raise vehicle on column lift
  • Visual check for damage, all parts
  • Check oil level
  • Operate system
  • Check all system functions
  • Lubricate all ram seals
  • Check for software update

If your leisure vehicle is only booked in for levelling system service, 1.5 hours + Parts.

If levelling system service booked with a Habitation and/or Engine Chassis service, 1 hour + Parts.

Mr Amplo started manufacturing vehicle accessories in 1985.

Amplo Levelling Systems are manufactured in Carpi, Italy.

Carpi, is close to the manufacturing area of Bolonia. Nearby is Emilia-Romagna, also known as Motor Valley, “the beating heart of Italian car culture”. Best-known Italian automotive brands are built here including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Pagani, De Tomaso, Dallara, and Ducati.


Oakleigh has a visit planned to Ampol Italy in May 2024.

Amplo Levelling Systems is a family owned & managed business based in Carpi, Italy.

Mr Amplo started the business in 1985, today his daughter Simona operates day-to-day management.

Amplo Levelling Systems are imported by Towtal, a leisure vehicle accessory business based in Stoke-on-Trent.

  • 4 telescopic jacks
  • 1 mini hydraulic power unit with emergency manual pump
  • 1 electronic control unit with manual controls
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 black box for system control
  • 1 electrical wiring kit
  • 1 hydraulic connection kit with pipes and fittings
  • 1 drum of oil (5ltr) with viscosity index for temperatures -20 ° C + 80 ° C
  • Your motorhome is level and stable in under 3 minutes
  • Fully automatic levelling
  • No need to fuss with jacks, ramps or blocks of wood
  • Safety feature prevents driving off
  • A compact hydraulic levelling system
  • Jacks are also retracted hydraulically, preventing them from getting stuck in soggy or frozen ground
  • The most reliable motorhome leveller on the market
  • Fully auto, level in under 3 minutes
  • Manual mode enabling you to lower the hydraulic jacks manually
  • Lift one side (2 jacks) when changing a tyre, or emptying tanks
  • Lifting all four wheels off the ground during winter storage, key pad with access code, great theft deterrent

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