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What is my ATC light indicating?

What does the AL-KO ATC light do on my Caravan?

AL-KO ATC light

Do you ever feel your Caravan moving side to side on a long journey?

Worried you can’t control it whilst driving?

Don’t worry, this is exactly what your ATC is for!

What is an ATC?

An ATC light, also known as the Automatic Trailer Control, is the AL-KO anti-snaking device.

The point of the ATC is to assist the driver should the caravan encounter strong winds, overtaking, or sudden braking traffic.

How does the ATC work?

The ATC tracks movement. Once a considerable movement is detected, the ATC automatically applies all caravan brakes. This results in the caravan stabilising itself without disturbing the driver.

AL-KO compare the ATC to an ABS system on cars, and how it is only used in rare situations.

You will know your ATC is working once you have connected the 13-pin plug from your car and turned the engine on. At first you should see the LED flashing green; this signals the ATC is active. The LED will stop flashing and go block green once you are moving.

Are the brake lights activated when the ATC is working?

No, the ATC brakes the caravan softly without activating the lights.

What happens if the ATC is not on, on my caravan?

At the time of connection, you should hear the ATC perform a self-test. Considering this goes ahead, the ATC should still be working. Explanations why the LED is not working could be:

  • Needs a new LED bulb
  • Broken / Faulty wiring

If the LED fails to come on you should contact Bristol Caravans on 01454 612893 to book an investigation.

What does it mean when the ATC light is red?

If the ATC shows red you may need to rest the system.

To reset, unplug the unit from the car and leave for 10 seconds. Reconnect the unit and allow the ATC to perform its self-test. The light should show flashing green.

*Please note resetting the system only clears minor errors. If the light fails to return to green, please call Bristol Caravans for further advice.

The ATC is flashing red on my caravan.

The flashing red light indicates the system has turned itself off due to an internal fault. Considering a fault, you will need to take the caravan to an AL-KO qualified dealer to determine the fault.

Before towing the caravan to your dealer, you will need to ensure the brakes are not applied. The simplest way to do this is to see if you can push the caravan. If you can, then the brakes are not applied. If you cannot, you must disconnect the push rod. This will return the brakes to working order without the ATC being active.

Should you have any more questions regarding your AL-KO ATC system, go to the AL-KO website at:

Or contact us via