WSL Caravan Wheel Bolt

WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolts

We strongly recommend you fit WSL wheel bolts to your caravan, we believe this is a major safety item.

The RRP from our shop is £50.00 for a single axle set.

If you buy a set of WSL bolts, to be fitted at your next Bristol Caravans service, we will fit within the service time at no additional cost.

Alternatively you can DIY fit / torque.

Here is why we feel so strongly….

Unfortunately wheels come off of caravans FACT, this is called “lost wheel syndrome”, usually the NS (left) wheel. Anecdotal evidence indicates the likelihood of loss increases from year 5 of the caravans life i.e. when the wheel has been removed approximately 5 times (after the 5th service).

The number of wheel detachments is not measured / published for the caravan industry, but according to a wide-ranging report on the subject by TRL (formerly the Transport and Road Research Laboratory) in 2006 for the DfT, based on the commercial truck sector there are:

  • 150—400 wheel detachments in the UK per year
  • 50—134 of which result in damage-only accidents
  • 10—27 injury accidents
  • 3 – 7 fatalities

Between 2012 and 2017, we spoke to 5 caravaners who have experience wheel loss, and hear of at least one case through the trade grape vine per year.

Don’t be part of the problem, be part of the solution.

The WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolt is specifically designed for the caravan industry to address lost wheel syndrome.

This part is now fitted as standard equipment by some caravan manufacturers, well done those manufacturers.

WSL Bolt Benefits:

  • Increased clamping force
  • Longer bolt length, which provides more “stretch”, which increases grip over a longer period of time
  • Coded spanner to prevent theft
  • Corrosion resistant, for up to 840 hours of salt spray
  • Each Bolt is tested and verified independently (similar to the aircraft industry)

During extensive road testing, the WSL Caravan Wheel Safety Bolts were checked at 1583 miles and all bolts recorded an impressive 130Nm without movement when cold.

We recommend all wheel bolts are re-torqued after 10 miles following a wheel being fitted.