Motorhome Oil Filter Service

Oil Filter Service

Here is our Motor Home or Campervan oil filter service, this is also called the “short service”.



  1. Paint and bodywork for damage and corrosion


  1. Lights: External & Cab
  2. Horn

Engine Bay

  1. Wiper blades
  2. Washers, top up fluid if required
  3. Engine and engine compartment for leaks
  4. Coolant level, top up if required
  5. Power-assisted steering oil level, top up if required
  6. Brake fluid level, top up if required
  7. ATF level (automatic), top up if required
  8. Change the engine oil and filter

Running Gear

  1. Thickness of the front brake pads/linings
  2. Gearbox/final drive/rear axle for leaks and damage
  3. Manual gearbox oil level, top up if required
  4. ABS sensor and cables
  5. Brake system for leaks and damage
  6. Thickness of the rear brake linings
  7. Rear axle oil level, top up if required
  8. Tyre pressures, correct if required
  9. Condition of the exhaust
AWS Approved Repairer

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Oil Filter Service





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