Damp Repair

Are you based in the South West, does your caravan or motorhome have damp?

Bristol Caravans can help, we have a fully equipped workshop, which means your vehicle is in the dry whilst it’s being repaired.

Damp Repair Process

Damp often starts as water ingress through a joint. Damp can start at any body joint, or where an aperture has been cut for an appliance, window, locker or cable. A rip or hole develops in the sealer, water enters the vehicle and damages the wall board, and/or structural frame.

You cannot smell damp in the early stages, so damp prevention (indoor storage, breathable cover) is the best approach. A yearly damp check during your service will also highlight early warning signs.

However if you are unlucky and find damp, give us a call and book a full damp report before it becomes a major issue.

The majority of caravans and motorhomes use an adhesive sealer to make joints between walls, roof and floor. In our experience water ingress and damp vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and age.

We offer three levels of damp repair:

  1. Overseal – the outside area is chemically washed, new sealer applied.
  2. The outer trims and/or rails are removed, old sealer removed, the area is chemically washed, new sealer applied.
  3. The internal wall board, foam, and structural timbers are renewed, in conjunction with no. 2 above.

The age of the vehicle and level of damp will determine what type of damp repair is appropriate. Some damp repairs also need the removal of internal furniture and fittings.

A damp report measures the amount of damp present in a vehicle, a damp meter is used to take readings, the scale is 0% to 100%, where 100% is wet.

Industry organisations The NCC, AWS, MCEA all recognise the following damp report guide:

  • 0-15% No reason for concern.
  • 16-20% May require further investigation. Consider re-check after 3 months.
  • 21-30% Will identify areas needing remedial work. Early signs of water ingress. Consider re-check after 3 months.
  • Over 31% Structural damage may be occurring and deterioration is inevitable.

We recommend with any score over 20%, you identify the cause, and plan the action required to repair the damp as soon as possible – early action saves money.

Next steps:

Call us and describe your damp issue. Then book an appointment to have a full damp check. We charge 1 hour and you will receive a full report and estimate for repair. If you decide to book your repair with us, we will credit the damp report fee from the final invoice.

AWS Approved Repairer
Motorhome Damp Repair
Motorhome Damp Repair

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