CRiS Category Inspection

CRiS Total Loss Re-Categorisation Scheme

In addition to being an approved AWS repair workshop, we are an Approve CRiS centre, authorised to inspect and re-categorise Cat C or D total loss caravans.

This is where a caravan has been recorded a total loss by an insurance company, but the vehicle has then been repaired and returned to the road.

We only undertake CRiS inspections when the CRiS check is combined with a Full Service.

The price for an inspection is built using three elements, The Inspection fee, A Full Caravan Service fee, and the Inspection fee to CRiS.

Inspection fee: £180.00

Full service fee:
£230.00 + Parts single axle (Approx. £270.00)
£270.00 + Parts twin axle

CRiS fee: £30.00

Approx. estimated price:
CRiS Inspection for a single axle caravan: £480.00

Fees must be paid in full prior to inspection start.

If the caravan passes the inspection, the owner can then change the category with CRiS for an additional fee of £15.00 paid direct to CRiS.

You will need to book your caravan inspection at our workshop, and settle in advance.

We then complete the inspection in accordance with the CRiS/AWS Caravan Total Loss Re-Registration Report.

On completion of the inspection we will:

1. Provide a copy of the completed report to you (the customer).

2. Contact CRiS to notify them of the outcome of the inspection.

3. Submit the completed inspection form to CRiS.

CRiS will notify us via email that payment has been received and the database has been updated to reflect the outcome of the inspection.

We will then advise you that the caravan can/cannot be re-registered with CRiS.

It is the responsibility of the customer / owner of the caravan to undertake the re-registration with CRiS after the inspection.

Below is an overview of the total loss categories:

Cat A Write Off

Category A is to be crushed, not to be returned to the road.

Cat B Write Off

Category B is for scrap/spares only and should not be repaired and go back on the road.

Cat C Write Off

Category C means the vehicle is repairable but the costs exceed the vehicles value. Can re appear on the road.

Cat D Write Off

Category D means the vehicle is repairable but the repair costs are significant compared with the vehicles value, including time delays to source parts. Can re appear on the road.

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