Brake Fluid Replacement

Brake fluid replacement in your motorhome or campervan is a safety critical item, because it connects the pressure applied by your foot to the brake pedal and the action of the brakes at the wheels.

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Motorhomes and campervans, will need brake fluid replacement during their service life-time, if it’s time to replace the brake fluid on your vehicle we would love to help.

Why do vehicle manufactures recommend a brake fluid every 2 years? Brake fluid loses its effectiveness over time as it is hygroscopic which means it absorbs water. As the water content of the fluid increases air bubbles are created causing the brakes to lose their effectiveness and become dangerous. This is evident when brakes begin to feel spongy.

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Price & Booking

The price for a brake fluid change varies as the range of motorhomes and campervans is broad. Our price is around 1-2 hours labour, plus parts. But you are welcome to book a slot to pop in if you would like a specific price for your vehicle.

To book an appointment give us a call, send an email or use the form below.

Want answers re brake fluid changes: why, when, how, who then click HERE to access our FAQ pages.

Finally, here is a link to The AA, so you can read their view on brake issues including Brake Fluid changes.

We hope to hear from you and your vehicle soon.

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