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Off Grid – Lithium Battery, Solar, 230v & B2B Chargers

Wild caravan camping in Scotland - going off-grid

Are you planning to take your Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan off-grid?
Fancy going off-grid, but a little nervous?
Need your leisure battery to last the whole trip?
Planning to be a digital nomad, and need your laptop to work whilst you are away?

Unlike many retailers, we don’t just sell products and boxes. We understand Off-Grid systems, your challenges as an owner, and what you might need to achieve your dreams.

Be it one part of an off-grid system, or a complete review or new install we can help you every step of the way.

Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan owners often look at Off-Grid or Nearly Wild camping for two reasons:

  • Unlock access to some amazing camping sites (that don’t have 230v electrics (EHU)
  • Reduce site costs associate to 230v EHU

If you are a keen explorer, Bristol Caravans can help you get the most out of your Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan.

If you are considering installing a Lithium Battery, 12v to 230v inverter, battery to battery charger, or solar panel, book a Free appointment so we can show you a complete working demo system set up in our shop.

A typical off-grid system is built using the following components:

Lithium Battery

Without 230v mains electricity, you will need alternative power supply in place. A charged leisure battery will power all of your 12v appliances. This includes your lighting, and water pump. Accessories can be run off the 12v system, however accessories will increase the rate at which the battery drains.

Lithium (Li-on) batteries have a few key benefits over standard leisure batteries:

  • They can be re-charge hundreds of times and remain stable.
  • Lithium batteries can be charged at a higher rate of Amps, which means they can be recharged faster.

12v to 230v Inverter

Some customers need a 230v supply to run specific appliances; hair dryer, laptop, etc. We recommend a lithium battery when installing an inverter, due to an inverters heavy demand for energy.

Having a lithium battery is the perfect solution because they have a higher energy density, a longer life, and the ability to maintain voltage even when heavily discharged.

B2B Charger

A battery-to-battery (B2B) charger charges your leisure battery whilst the engine is running. It takes energy (supplied by the alternator), and is usually wired via the B2B charger direct to the starter battery.

A B2B charger is the perfect partner to your off-grid system. If combined with a lithium battery you might be able to take a 50 Amp charge from the alternation, which means your 100 Ah lithium battery can be fully recharged within 2 hours of driving.

Solar Panel

Solar panels are simple, the more sunlight, the more power produced!

Solar Panel is ideal for trickle charging your leisure battery. A standard leisure battery will accept approx. 10 Amps when being chargerd. You can build larger solar systems, which deliver higher charging Amps, which re-charge your lithium batteries, which means you can go off-grid for longer or use more appliances.

Off-Grid Ideas

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