Motorhome Air Con

Motorhome & Campervan Cab Air Conditioning.

System tests and refils at Bristol Caravans.

Book an appointment from £90.

Are you suffering from:

  • A hot cab?
  • Uncomfortable driving?
  • Lack of concentration?
  • Windows constantly open?

Does your Cab AirCon need re-gassing? If it’s a yes, call in today for a quote on,

01454 612893


The standard process for Air Con re-charge at Bristol Caravans is:

  • 15 minute vacuum test – highlighting any major leaks.
  • Measure the old gas before emptying the system.
  • Re-charge the system with correct gas volume.

Top Tip

Run your motorhome’s or camper van’s air con for 15 minutes each time you use your vehicle. There is a lubricant built into the coolant gas. Using your air con will lubricate the internal seals, this means the air con system will last longer between re-gassing.