Motorhome Air Suspension


Air Suspension

Supplied and fitted here at Bristol Caravans.

Does your vehicle suffer from…

  • Poor handling?
  • Lack of comfort?
  • Having uneven loads?
  • Strain on rear leaf springs?

Bristol Caravans supply and fit Top Drive, which is a leader in Air suspension systems, these systems include an Assistive Air Spring, to help maintain minimum ride height and suspension travel.

Air Suspension is an ideal upgrade to your motorhome or campervan. Leisure vehicles are consistently heavily laden. Air assist will return the ride height to the manufacturers intended setting, rather than down on the bump stops. This means your suspension will last longer and save you money in the long run.

At Bristol Caravans we have a choice of  two Air suspension systems: comfort, and reinforced. Suspension is a compromise between road holding, support, road handling and ride comfort. The larger the air bag the more comfortable the ride due to the reduction of the internal air pressure.

Standard –

The Standard air suspension is the most popular option, and meets most needs. The Standard design includes an air spring that supports an average load. If you’re considering air suspension, the Standard system is extremely versatile and robust making it the perfect choice.  It is the most practical solution when taking your vehicles weight and comfort into account.

 Reinforced –

If your vehicle is subject to stress and a heavy load (i.e. towing or, carrying a scooter)  you may need a little more support. The Reinforced model provides a larger dimension air spring solution which provides a better balance for the load over a larger surface, preserving the mechanical structual parts of your vehicle.

Both Standard & Reinforced have the option of coming with or without a pump. The pump automatically fills the air suspension rather than yourself manually having to do so. Either way you have the option to fill and unfil the suspension when necessary.


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