MaxxFan supplied fitted keeping you cool.

Need a cool Caravan, Motorhome or Campervan?

Don’t fancy aircon that runs off 230v mains?

Maxxfan, keeps you cool when off grid…

Looking for a workshop that can supply and fit your new Maxxfan (or alt. bolt-on accessory!), great we can help, that’s what we do!

Maxxfan will move air in and out of your caravan, motorhome or campervan. Constant air movement creates a refreshing breeze, keeping you cool even on the hottest day!

Maxxfan has a built-in two way fan, which means it can bring fresh air into your vehicle, and suck cooking smells out when the fan is reversed.

Why is Maxxfan a great product, well in our opinion, the operation is really quiet. On the fan side of things, the 12v motor is powerful, so moving air is easy.

It’s also supplied with an easy to use remote, and the unit is a direct swap for a 400 x 400 Heki roof light.

Sounds an easy fit, but removing the old roof light, and then cleaning old sealer off is a key activity. But once chemically cleaned, new sealant is applied to all joints. An invisible new channel is cut between ceiling and outer roof panel, the 12v cables are wired into your vehicle habitation electrics, and your Maxxfan is fitted.

Fancy a Maxxfan in a new location? Subject to inspection, we can cut a new aperture in your roof and connect to 12v to install your Maxxfan.

Maxxfan can be operated using a control panel built into the unit or a remote control, you don’t even need to get out of bed!

The fan speed is adjustable, at 10% power, a gentle breeze is achieved and the fan is almost silent, which means a great night sleep.

Maxxfan runs off of your 12v leisure battery. This means as long as you have solar or another way to recharge your leisure battery, running your Maxxfan is free !

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