Bristol Caravans

How to maintain my Caravan / Motorhome Toilet

Nobody wants to go back to a smelly toilet in their Caravan or Motorhome. Bristol Caravans is here to provide helpful tips all year round to keep your toliet fresh and ready to go.

How to leave the toilet out of season:

Flushing the Top Tank –
Before tucking your Caravan or Motorome away over the winter season, make sure you flush the top tank with clean water. You do NOT want to leave any resedue of chemical in the system as it will crystalise. Once crystalised your flush pump will seize, and you will have to pay for a replacement.

Maintaining the Cassette seal –
The lip seal on your toilet cassette can get dry over time. To prevent it getting dry, Thetford supply the “Seal Lubricant” spray. Spray the lubricant on your cassettes seal throughout your summer season ensuring it is lubricated.

If you do not lubricate the seal, a replacement is estimated to be £15.50 plus fitting.

Cleaning the holding tank –
Is your final holiday in the diary? If so, before the last journey home fill your Motorhomes, or Caravans tank with cleaner. On the drive home the tank cleaner will swill around the entire basin, once home or in storage, empty its contents. Now your holding tank will be clean and ready to go next season.

How to store my toilet cassette over winter –
Over the winter it is a good idea to remove the toilet cassette. Although it can be left within its locker, over time a damp atmosphere is created causing the wiring loom to corrode. Once the wiring loom is corroded, your toilet pump will fail.
To avoid this, remove the toilet cassette over the winter. Clean the locker thoroughly, and leave a damp absorber inside. This will ensure the locker is dried out, and minimal water and / or chemicals a reach the wiring loom.

Where do I put the toilet chemical in my Caravan / Motorhome?

Should I put toilet chemical in the holding tank, or down the toilet basin?
Here at Bristol Caravans, we believe it is not necessary to have toilet chemical in the toilet flush. It is only necessary to put chemical into the waste holding tank which you empty when full.
Think of it this way, your toilet flush at home is clean water, therefore why should our Caravan flushes have chemical in?

Thetford exclaim:
“Nowadays, many motorhomes no longer have a dedicated flush water tank for the toilet, but they use fresh water from the central water tank. In that case, you can’t use a flush water additive.

Some users of our toilets prefer to add the waste-holding tank additive via the toilet bowl, instead of via the pour-out spout, as is recommended in the toilet user manual and on the bottle label. To be perfectly clear, there is no benefit in doing it this way, but it may be more convenient for some people.”