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How to keep your Caravan / Motorhome Cool

Maxx Fan to keep your motorhome cool

Do you suffer from a hot and stuffy Caravan or Motorhome?
Have sleepless, uncomfortable nights?
Have little air flow, despite all the windows being open?

Bristol Caravans are here to help you make your Caravan or Motorhome cool and comfortable through the summer months. It is important we make the most of the summer season.

Setting up your Caravan for Summer

Keep Blinds and Curtains closed

Blocking the sunlight from entering your Caravan or Motorhome keeps the air inside from heating up. Although a simple trick, it can be very effective! Next time you go to the beach for the day, leave all curtains and blinds closed, and return to a cooler vehicle.

Cook Outside

On a scoldering hot day, light up the BBQ and cook outside. Using your Caravan or Motorhome hob and oven will produce heat, creating a stuffy environment.

Camp in the Shade

If possible, choose a pitch next to bushy trees and hedges to ensure your Caravan or Motorhome is sat in the shade. It isn’t always possible to choose your pitch but plan ahead of time and submit a request to the CL site – you could get lucky!

Invest in your Adventure Pod


Do you want cold air produced inside your Caravan or Motorhome?

At Bristol Caravans we can supply and fit air conditioning. Installed to the roof of your vehicle, the aircon distributer is flat against the ceiling, causing no obstruction, only cool, refreshing air!


Not enough space on the roof of your vehicle for an Aircon?
Want cool air whilst being off-grid?

The Maxxfan can keep the air moving around the vehicle, even the hottest days! This creates a constant cooling, refreshing breeze. As well as bringing air into the vehicle, when the fan is reversed, air will be sucked out.

Fitting into a standard 40 x 40 roof light space, and running on 12V, a Maxxfan can be used while the vehicle is stationary or in motion.

Using a remote control, the fan speed can be adjusted, and the top of the unit opened and closed. If you should lose the remote control, the Maxxfan can still be operated using a control panel built into the unit.

Want to discuss your Caravan and Motorhome cooling options?

Give us a call on 01454 612893 or go to our Contact page and tell us what we can do to help.