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How does an Inverter work?

An inverter is used to convert your 12v into 230v. This is perfect for going off-grid as you do not have access to mains electricity hook-up.

In conjunction with your inverter, we recommend having a lithium battery. Due to inverters using a lot of energy, you must ensure you have a powerful battery. Having a lithium battery is the perfect solution because they have a higher energy density, a longer life, and the ability to maintain voltage even when heavily discharged.

Why should I install an Inverter?

Caravan and Motorhome owners use inverters because sometimes, they will want to power their 230v appliances without having to hook-up on mains electricity. An inverter allows you to do exactly this!

Do I need an inverter in my Caravan or Motorhome?

If you are uncertain whether you need an inverter or not, it is a good idea to calculate your daily amp hours.

To calculate your daily energy requirements, we have devised a helpful table to get you started. Make sure you consider the time of year you will be using your Caravan or Motorhome as this could affect how long you use each item.

12v ApplianceWattsApprox. AmpsHow many?Hours used per dayAh/Day
TV (15″)252.1148.3
Fridge controls (3 way)50.412410.0
Fridge Comprssor (50-70L)453.812490.0
Fluorescent Light131.1224.3
LED Light20.2622.0
Water pump100.8110.8
Toilet Pump100.810.50.4
Space Heater Fan00.0140.0
Water heater controls00.0140.0
Room heater controls00.01240.0
ALDE heater at 2KW2000166.714666.7
Remoska cooker40033.314133.3
Laptop (approx.)504.22433.3
Mobile (approx.)50.4243.3
Thetford hotplate80066.710.533.3
Bluetooth Radio0.010.50.0
Levelling System86071.710.428.7

If you have any further questions regarding inverters, please go to our Contact Us page, or call 01454 612893.