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Bike rack issues solved

Bike rack

Cannot go on holiday without your bike?
Have difficulty lifting and loading the family’s bikes?

Update to a bike rack which best suits you and your Caravan/ Motorhome.

At Bristol Caravans we are here to help you find the best solution whether it is a new bike rack or electrical bike lift. Important things to keep in mind are, how many bikes do you have, where will the bike rack go, can my caravan/ motorhome withstand the weight?

Before you purchase a bike rack, we recommend a visit to our AWS approved workshop. Upon visit, we will make sure your vehicle is suitable for fitting, as well as giving you an estimate for how long it will take to fit.

What is the perfect Bike Rack for you?

We recommend FIAMMA Bike Racks.

In particular, the XLA Pro has improved functionality that provides stability and ease of use. With a hooking system that is easily manoeuvrable, this bike rack is sturdy and safe ensuring your bikes get to your holiday destination. The secure design also promises to minimise noise whilst travelling.

How about the no hassle Bike Lift!

Upgrade your motorhome with the BR-Systems Bike Lift. Simply load your bikes at ground level and watch the lift do all the work for you.

  • The platform itself can bridge a 110CM height.
  • The platform can be lowered to ground level on most vehicles it is mounted on.
  • The maximum load is 60kg, suitable for up to 3 bikes.

Are you interested in a new bike rack/ lift?

Call us today on 01454 612893 or go to our contact page and complete the online form.