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As part of the Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS) and the MCEA, we take the servicing of your caravan seriously. We allow a day for a Full Service, enabling us time to check all the points listed below.

The AWS assessor marked us as “outstanding”… not all repairers are the same, here are two good reasons to use us…

1. CO Test Equipment
We have invested nearly £1,000 on gas analysis equipment, which means your gas appliances (fridge, water heater, room heater) and Room CO test are tested to the latest spec. and you get a printed report of the results. Current industry standard is a visual check of the flame colour (where they can see it).

2. RCD Load Test
Again we have invested in training and equipment, we actually isolate the vehicle, then load test the mains system, to confirm the safety devices cut in within the specific time (milliseconds) and given loads. Industry standard to just to press the trip button on the RCD.

Our focus is to ensure your vehicle is safe to use, mechanically, electrically and with gas.

Perhaps we can service your caravan?

The following list is the AWS 2015 service guide, below are some additional safety checks, that we include free of charge.


Chassis & Running Gear

  1. Coupling head-check wear/damage & lubricate
  2. Nose weight-check & report (best practice)
  3. Check ball acting stabiliser-check pads
  4. Coupling head gaiter, condition
  5. Breakaway cable & clip-check condition, routing & integrity
  6. Corner steadies & spare wheel carrier-check for damage, operation & lubricate
  7. Jockey wheel-check condition, operation & lubricate
  8. Chassis-check condition, security of assemblies including, chassis to floor security
  9. Wheels & tyres-check for damage or distortion
  10. Tyres-assess age & advise replacement if over 7 years. Record age on observation sheet
  11. Tyres-check condition & wear pattern (incl side walls & valves)
  12. Check & record tyre tread depths. Record tread depth on observation sheet
  13. Check & record tyre pressures incl spare. Record set pressures on observation sheet
  14. Suspension-Visually check condition of rubbers, bushes, dampers & springs
  15. Remove brake drums-clean & check hub bearings & seals
  16. Brake shoes-clean & check condition of linings (including springs & expanders)
  17. Brake rods, cables & supports-check operation, lubricate & adjust
  18. Refit brake drums-torque hub nuts to manufacturers settings, adjust brakes & check operation (fit new one-shot nuts)
  19. Replace road wheels & torque to manufacturers settings
  20. Handbrake mechanism-check operation, adjust & lubricate

Electrical Systems

  1. 12N,12S or 13 pin plugs & cables-check condition & test
  2. Road lights & reflectors-check condition & operation
  3. Battery (if fitted)-check condition of battery & compartment & record idle voltage
  4. Battery (if fitted)-check & top up level if required & perform high discharge test
  5. Check battery charge rate from 12s/13 pin plug
  6. Fridge-check operation from 12s/13 pin plug
  7. Interior lighting & equipment-check operation & fuse rating
  8. Awning light-check operation
  9. Wiring earths-check for defects on all ELV circuits (Visual)
  10. LV inlet plug & extension lead-check condition & resistance across connection pins
  11. Earth bonding-Visual Inspection
  12. RCD unit-check operation of RCD test button & operation of MCB’s
  13. 230v sockets-carry out plug top polarity test
  14. Charger-check output charge rate at battery connections
  15. Fridge-check operation of fridge on 230v
  16. Check electric hob operation (if Fitted)
  17. Check operation of all other 230v appliances, fans & luminaries
  18. Air conditioning (if fitted)-check operation (Weather Dependent)
  19. Check that any additional items fitted are to the relevant standard

Gas System (Fridge not serviced unless requested)

  1. Regulator & gas hose-check age, performance & security (let-by test)
  2. Carry out gas leak check (tightness test)
  3. Appliances-check operation of all gas appliances fitted including FFD’s
  4. Gas cylinder-check security
  5. Ensure all gas dispersal vents are clear

Water System

  1. Water pump & pressure switch-check operation
  2. Taps, micro-switch, valves, pipes & tank (if fitted)-check condition & operation
  3. Water filter & housing-check for leaks & replace filter if requested by customer
  4. Waste system-check for leaks
  5. Water tanks (if fitted)-check security of all water tanks, including under slung
  6. Drain down-winter only (suggest 01/11 – 31/03 weather determined) (unless advised not to by the customer)
  7. Toilet-check security, operation of flush pump & lubricate seals


  1. Fixed ventilation-check for obstruction & free flow of air
  2. Check all fixed ventilation is guarded against vermin ingression
  3. Roof lights-check for cracks, operation & free of obstructions

Fire & Safety

  1. Smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm(s) (if fitted)-check operation & replace battery if necessary
  2. If a fire extinguisher is fitted, check to ensure it is in date
  3. If a fire blanket is fitted-check security of its housing


  1. Doors & windows-Check operation of all locks, catches, stays & seals
  2. Roof-check condition of roof lights & seals & also general condition of roof
  3. Grab Handles-check security & sealing
  4. Number plate-check it is marked with BS AU 145d or BS AU 145 (Requirement since 1973) & check security/legibility
  5. Floor-check for sponginess/delamination
  6. Furniture-check condition & operation of all furniture doors, handles & fixings
  7. Blinds & fly screens-check tension, operation & material for damage
  8. Damp test-carry out & note readings on a separate damp report sheet

We recommend – Wheel Bolt Torque is re-checked after 10 Miles and before Every Trip.

In addition we also complete the following:

  1. LPG CO appliance test (per gas appliance) with printed report
  2. LPG CO room test (30 minutes) with printed report
  3. Check condition of LPG sticker on locker and security of gas bottles
  4. Check operation and condition of external gas point if fitted
  5. Check condition of 230v inlet plug and hook up cable (when available) visual inspection
  6. Hook up cable: continuity & resistance tests
  7. RCD: Load test
  8. Check blown air system
  9. Check security of body attachments (ladders, aerials, cycle racks etc)

If the above generates any questions, please give us a call or drop us an email.

We hope the caravan service list is useful, and hope to book you in soon.

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