Motorhome Rust Prevention

Rust Prevention


“Underbody corrosion protection”

Your Motorhome was an investment, why not protect your investment, increase its longevity, and reduce future maintenance costs with a rust treatment.

Going on off road adventures, trapping mud and moisture can increase the risk of rust and corrosion on your chassis. Current MOT rules stipulate that if you can make a hole with a ‘light thumb press’ it is a fail. This does not mean in the result of a pass it is safe!

The Process:

DINITROL is a multi-layer process to protect your vehicle from inside and outside the chassis.

Before applying the treatment, the vehicle is fully masked up to prevent overspray on the paintwork. This also includes the suspension, drive train, exhaust, heat shields and other items underneath such as off-road protection parts.

Next, the vehicle is cleaned using a degreaser and steam cleaner removing the majority of the loose dirt and debris.

The internal chassis protection, Dinitrol ML, is an oil based produced and is applied to the inside of the chassis. This is left to dry before a layer of the Dintrol 4941 is applied for all over protection. This is then left to dry before a final check of the application and the vehicle is reassembled.


Remember, if you choose to get the DINTROL treatment you could,

  • Increase your motorhomes resale value.
  • Increase its longevity.
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs.


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